What's new in Tournament Plus 2.06?

Available Now!  Tournament Plus version 2.06 is available for installation on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit systems) as well as on Windows 2000 and XP.

Little has been changed in order to get this product out to support the new computers coming out with Windows 7 pre-installed.  Some features have been rolled out that were previously only available in a limited distribution.  One feature in the new installation routine should help previous Vista users.  The data file locations are now in a new folder " C:/Tournament Plus".   This will avoid searching for your logo files in different Program Files folders.  It should also make linking with the data files easier for a network connection.

Some of the other changes are described below.  Please note that, while considered complete, the Match Board Display and Bracket Sheet Display features are new to this version and have not had a lot of tournament testing.  The more they are used, the better defined they will become.


Remotely Operated and Updated Match Board Display

If you are numbering matches, you can now display those match numbers on a remote monitor or projection device attached to a networked computer.

Advance matches either based on next available match number or next available match on each specific mat.


5matchboard_sm.jpg (32214 bytes)


Display Continuously Updating Bracket Sheets

Connect to a remote monitor or projection device, select the Division or Divisions you want to display bracket sheets for and click on the number of seconds you want each bracket displayed.

After cycling through all selected divisions, bracket sheets are updated and the display starts again.



Easily select the paper size and format for Bracket Sheets, Weigh-In Cards and Final Results Reports; specify and locate your logo for brackets and bout slips

Choose from different bracket sheet formats (horizontal/vertical) and different paper sizes (letter, legal and 11x17).  Set up your registration/weigh in cards to print on your printer.  Select from several pre-formatted reports for final results.

You can also select you logo to print on brackets from this form.


I will be entertaining suggestions for new features on a limited basis (limited on the time I have to work on them and their overall use to the customer population) for next wrestling season.  My primary focus will be to monitor and respond to issues with this new installation scheme.  With every change, no matter how minor, you introduce an opportunity for a mistake.  As this new version is utilized, I will post any problems that are identified and either a workaround that you can take in the meantime or an interim change you can download - much the same way that version 2.05, issued at the end of 2006, was addressed.  Your comments are always appreciated.  Bob McCormack