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Tournament Plus Suggestions and Problem Reports

If you have any ideas for enhancing our products, or improving our customer service, or anything else that comes to mind, please email us and let us know.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.   If you are reporting a software problem, please be as specific as you can, and include any error messages that you get.




UPDATED 3/15/14



Tournament Plus Known "Bugs" and Fixes        




Applies to 2.06.05 through 2.06.05b.  When loading a saved tournament file using the "Load Tournament Files", some tables are not loaded.  This does not occur when reloading tournament files that were saved using the "Save to File" and "Load a Saved File" buttons.  This error is corrected in the working copy of 2.06.05c and a replacement front end file (replacement for your TourPlus.mde file in C:\Tournament Plus folder) can be downloaded here:






Applies to 2.06.05 initial release only.  When converting a saved file that was created in 2.06.04 for import into 2.06.05, the file will not load when you attempt to load it using the "Load Tournament File" option.  The problem is that a file titled "tblAllMatches.txt" is added to your old saved tournament file folder.  This file should be titled "AllMatches.txt".  If you rename the file in the C:/Tournament Plus/Save/"your tournament name" folder, the file should load correctly.  This will be corrected in the next interim update.




When importing team names and registration using a *.xls spreadsheet file, the error checks normally performed when entering data directly into the Contacts and Registration are bypassed.  The length of a team or school name cannot exceed 25 characters, including spaces.  A team name of greater than 25 characters, including spaces, will not be correctly attributed in the team scoring table.  There is no workaround for this and changing allowable field sizes is not practical at this time.




When importing registration using a *.xls spreadsheet file, if the file is created in Excel 2007 or later (it will have an extension of *.xlsx instead of *.xls), you must save the file, in Excel, as a “*.xls” file first.  You cannot simply rename the file from xlsx to xls.  I will look for a way to make this work as an *.xlsx file later.




A query was inadvertently deleted in a prior revision that can result in the printout for the List of Winners omitting the First Place finishers.  This has been corrected in interim change 2.06.04b.



I have found an inconsistency in using the "Auto Place" button on the 5-person Round Robin bracket sheet.  If "Auto Place" does not award Fifth Place placement points, manually identify the Fifth Place wrestler using the drop down box.  This should award the appropriate points.  This will be corrected in the next update.   This has been corrected in interim change 2.06.04b.



A poor coding issue with the "Use custom brackets" box on the bottom of the Setup Options form can create a condition where you cannot advance winners/losers in some brackets.  This field (Custom Bracket number) cannot be left blank.  The default value is "0".  If you are not using one of the limited number of custom bracket formats, make sure that this field is set a "0".  This has been corrected in update 2.06.04.




I believe that I know what has been causing the various issues with brackets and bout slips.  One of the enhancements to Tournament Plus 2.06 was to allow more flexibility in choosing bracket and bout slip formats, and to allow me to more easily add custom bout slips later.  The form where all this happens is accessed from the menu bar Tools - Open Report Format Options Form.  If you do not set these options, the program may not know what formats you want and therefore do nothing.  If you get “Error 94” or “Error 2497” or something just doesn’t seem to be working right, check these options.





Some users have reported a problem printing bout slips in version 2.06.01.  This same issue would likely apply if you are using version 2.06.02 released last week  I believe the problem is in the code that determines which format you use for the bout slips.  The particular issue seemed to try to print multiple weight classes on the same report.    SEE UPDATE IN FAQ PAGE (2.06.03) if you are experiencing this problem.




There is a bug in version 2.06.01 that prints the wrong team names for the two wrestlers in the second Championship Quarter-final match - 16-person brackets only.  The bracket sheets are still correct and team scoring is not affected.  Until I can get a revision out (very soon), the only work around is to print that individual bout slip by right clicking with the mouse on the bout number (#14 if you are not assigning match numbers) and selecting “Print This Bout Slip”.  SEE UPDATE IN FAQ PAGE (2.06.02)





Hard to believe it has been over a year since we had a "bug" to talk about.  With the distribution of version 2.06, something was bound to come up.  The one thing I have heard of so far may be applicable only to 64bit Windows 7.  When you try to open the directory tree to show where your logo file is located you may get an error message like the one shown below.  This is done from the Report Format Options form.

If you click on "OK" the message closes and you can select your logo file with no problem.  No workaround is necessary, but I will continue to search for the source of this aggravation.










The 32-person double elimination bracket can show the #3 seed as getting a seed in the first round if the #1 seed has already been given a bye.  This has been fixed in Interim Update 2.05.15b.  Other minor issues shown in the Revision History page are also incorporated by 2.05.15a & b.

If you are currently using Version  2.05, click here to download the new file to replace the one by the same name in your C:\Program Files\TourPlus directory or C:\ProgramData\TourPlus directory if using Vista.

tourplus32.mde  (2.05.15b, approx 18 Mb) - Feb 2009

All previously noted "bugs" are resolved with this version as well.




This issue can affect assigning Match Numbers.  It is not always apparent, but can be easily fixed if you are finding the your Match Number assignments are no working.

  • The check box next to the option for numbering Championship Semis and Consolation Qtr-Finals together is, by default, neither checked or blank.  Instead, it appears grayed out.  In this condition, the Match numbering feature can fail.

This will be fixed in the next update.  In the meantime, if you are numbering matches, make sure that the check box described above is either checked or empty and white (not grey).  If it is grey, click the box twice to make it empty and white.



This affects all 16-person first consolation round brackets possibly back as far as version 2.05.10 (3/13/07)

  • 16-person brackets, first consolation round will not let you double click on the winner.  The button that this works from is covered by a transparent field.  When you try to select the winner, you can only edit the wrestler's name fields.




This only affects users of version 2.05.10, 2.05.11 and 2.05.12  (issued between 3/13/07 and 7/17/07)

  • Under some conditions, if you delete an entire bracket record from the Data Entry screen, you may lose the data entered in Setup Options.  In Interim Change 2.05.10, a query change was introduced to accommodate customized brackets.  This change tied the Setup Options table to the Data Entry table and can result in deletions of data in one table affecting the other.  After deleting a bracket, you will see empty data sheets in the Setup Options and Bracket Sheets screens.  Your data in the Bracket Sheets is not lost, it is just not available until you recreate your Setup Options.  This has been corrected in version 2.05.13.

There is a "work around" that you can use until you get the new file (see below).

If this happens to you, restore your Brackets by re-entering data in Setup Options.  After re-entering this data, your Bracket Sheets will again be visible.

If you are currently using Version  2.05, click here to download the new file to replace the one by the same name in your C:\Program Files\TourPlus directory

tourplus32.mde  (2.05.13, approx 16 Mb) - 9/15/07



This only affects users of version 2.05.09

  • After entering data in the Bracket Sheet screen, if you return to the Data Entry screen to add a wrestler or change a wrestler to a Bye, you may lose the data already entered in the Bracket Sheet.  In Interim Change 2.05.09, a change was introduced to update the information shown in a Bracket Sheet after a previous Bye was changed by adding a wrestler.  The problem in this case was that the bracket sheet initially showed the Bye and automatically advanced the opposing wrestler and put the "Bye" down into the Consolation or wrestle-back side of the bracket.  When that Bye was replaced with a wrestler's name, the bracket sheet was not correctly updated automatically.  The added wrestler appeared as having lost in the first round even though he had not wrestled yet.  

The fix in 2.05.09 caused a more serious problem.  If you entered a Bye in Data Entry and then changed the Bye to a wrestler's name, the bracket sheet would update correctly, but if you went back to the Data Entry sheet afterwards, any results for that wrestler could be deleted.

The code has been changed back to the original mode by Interim Change 2.05.10.  What this means is that if you enter a Bye in the Data Entry screen, and then go back and change it to a wrestler's name (put a new wrestler into a previous open spot in the bracket), you will need to go to the Bracket Sheet screen and double click on one of the wrestlers in that match and select "Clear" if it shows one as having already won that match.

If you are currently using Version  2.05, click here to download the new file  tourplus32.mde  (2.05.10, approx 16 Mb) - 3/13/07

I will work on fixing this as soon as possible and apologize for the inconvenience.



  This only affects numbering matches when selecting "Do not number Byes"

·        The match with a wrestler with Record Number 0001 does not get numbered.  This is the result of a code glitch that checks for numbers greater than 1 where it should have been greater than or equal to 1.  If you are using Tournament Plus Version 2.04 or later, the file below can be downloaded and used to replace the file by the same name on your computer.  If you are using an earlier version, and expect to use the 32-person brackets, please contact us for a replacement file. 

If you are currently using Version  2.04b or 2.04c dated prior to 1/2/06, click here to download the new file  tourplus32.mde  (approx 11 Mb) - 1/2/06

To avoid this problem, do not use Record Number 0001 when registering wrestlers if you plan to number your matches.  When you enter your first wrestler, and he or she gets numbered as 0001, delete that registration and re-register that person. They will then receive another Record Number.




  This applies to all versions with the 32-Person bracket feature

·        There is a problem with 32-person brackets which will cause the wrong wrestler to be advanced from the First Championship Round.  When you enter the winner, the correct wrestler is shown and advanced initially.  The problem does not appear until you leave that bracket sheet.

The only match affected is the third match in the first championship round (shown below).  There is a "Work-Around" that will allow you to use the 32-person brackets without replacing files. The "Work-Around" is described below.

The problem occurs only when you select the wrestler shown below as the winner of the match:

  WORK AROUND (This will get you through until you can get the necessary updates):

The problem is caused when the bracket is automatically updated.  This occurs each time you go to a new bracket.  To prevent this auto update, check the box at the upper right of the screen that says "Cancel Auto Update".  Re-enter the correct results of this match.  You may have to re-enter the Consolation match as well.  As long as the "Cancel Auto Update" box is checked, the wrestlers will remain in the correct place.  If you leave this form and then reopen it (the Bracket Sheets screen), you MUST re-check the Cancel Auto Update box.  It defaults to un-checked each time the form is opened.



  This only applies to the 2.04C Version dated 12/1/05.

·        One of the "cosmetic" fixes in version 2.04c inadvertently changed the location of the button that you double-click on to select the winner of the lower championship semi-final match (match 24) in 16-person brackets.  

  There is a "work around" that you can use until you get the new file (see below).

The work around is to double-click on the extreme right hand edge of the box for that wrestler.  If you get the right spot, you can catch the edge of the button.  You will know if you got it because the results screen will open.  If you don't catch it, nothing will happen - keep trying.

Version 2.04c, as issued on 12/1/05, also includes a fix to a problem noted in versions 2.04, 2.04a and 2.04b (2 and 3-person round robin brackets) in addition to other upgrades.



  • Double-clicking on the Wrestler Number in the lower half of the 32-person bracket sheet to correct the wrestler's name or team name does not update the info on the bracket sheet

This has been corrected in Version 2.04c.  For earlier versions, if you need to edit the wrestler or team name in the lower 16 wrestlers, return to the Data Entry screen and make the change there.  This occurs only in the 32-person brackets.



  • A Tournament Plus 2.04 user encountered a problem entering results of the Championship Finals match.  The winner advanced correctly, but the pop-up screen to enter results (points, pin, etc.) never appeared.

This was caused by the new fields added to support Wrestle-Backs for true second place.  These fields were inadvertently sized to allow a maximum of 25 characters, including spaces.  This affects only the fields for the LOSER of the Championship Finals match, the WINNER of the Consolation Finals match, and the WINNER and LOSER of the wrestle-back for true second.

This will be corrected in the next revision requiring a Data file change.  In the meantime, keeping your wrestlers' names and team/school names to 25 characters or less (including spaces) will prevent this from happening to you.



  • 8-person bracket sheet print out does not show "Match Number" of losers (e.g., when Match Numbers are used, the printout shows "L1", "L2", etc instead of "L-234", "L517", etc)

This has been fixed in an interim change to version 2.03b.  The replacement file "TourPlus32.mde" can be downloaded using the hyperlink for below.



·        When running a 16-person bracket with a single elimination first round, the winner of the consolation quarter final matches is entered properly, but when changing to another bracket or manually updating the Consolation Round, the winners name gets deleted.

This has been confirmed as a code problem in Version 2 only (versions 2.0 though 2.03a). When running a 16-person bracket with a single elimination first round, it is possible to perform a combination of data-entry and bracket entries that will result in this happening.

You can download a replacement file (to replace the TourPlus32.mde file in your C:\Program Files\TourPlus directory) by clicking on the file link below.  If you are unable to download this file, contact us and we will email the file to you.  The file is approximately 1.6 megs and will need to be unzipped when you receive it.  If you are using Tournament Plus Version 1.0, or do not run single elimination first round brackets, you do not need this file.    [No longer available]
(This incorporates all prior changes and the change noted above in the 2/25/05 entry)

IMPORTANT:  Version 2.02 and later also require a new and separate TourPlus32_Data.mdb file.   This file was emailed to all registered users of version 2.0 and 2.01.  If you need this file to upgrade your program, please email us.

This fix will be included in the next version of Tournament Plus.



  • I get duplicate match numbers for 16-person brackets.  This occurs only for the Championship Quarter Final matches.

This has been confirmed as a code problem in Version 2 only. The first numbered match in 16-person championship quarter finals will duplicate the match number of the fourth (last) championship quarter final match in the previous bracket.  You can download a replacement file (to replace the TourPlus32.mde file in your C:\Program Files\TourPlus directory) by clicking on the file link below.  If you are unable to download this file, contact us and we will email the file to you.  The file is approximately 1.6 megs and will need to be unzipped when you receive it.  If you are using Tournament Plus Version 1, or do not assign sequential match numbers, you do not need this file.    [No longer available]

This fix will be included in the next version of Tournament Plus.


Version 2.03 was mailed to all registered users of Tournament Plus 2.0 and later on 1/4/05.  Version 2.03 incorporated fixes and upgrades to address all prior issues.  If you are a Tournament Plus Version 1 user (1.0, 1.01, 1.02 or 1.03) and would like to upgrade to Version 2 (2.03), please contact us.  If you purchased Tournament Plus within the past 12 months, your upgrade is free.  If you purchased Tournament Plus over 12 months ago, the upgrade is available for $25.00.





  • When I click on the button to print Bout Slips for the Pig-Tail matches, only the 1vs 16 and 2 vs 15 print out and then it prints it 4 times.

This is caused by a line of code added when the 32-person brackets were added in version 2.0.  There is no work around other than to print out blank bout slips using the 'Reports' - Misc Reports' - Print Blank Bout Slips' menu bar item and then fill them out by hand.  This problem only prevents printing Pig-Tail bout slips for matches other than those to fill the #15 and #16 spots.  The Pig-Tail bracket sheet prints fine and the winners of the Pig-Tail matches are correctly placed into their respective bracket when you click on that button.

A replacement 'TourPlus32.mde' file has been emailed to all registered users of version 2.0 and later.  Users of version 2.0 and 2.01 were also emailed a new data file 'TourPlus32_Data.mdb' which is necessary to update to the later versions.  This has been fixed in all new copies of Tournament Plus sent out as version 2.03.



  • I can print Bracket Sheets and Bout Slips using the Sample files, but not from a tournament that I have started.

If you created all of your brackets on the Weight Classes and Mat Assignment form, there is a field that may not update correctly. Open one of the brackets that you created in the Data Entry screen and change the bracket size selected in the boxes below the Division title from whatever is checked now (4-person round robin, 8-person, 16-person, etc) to 32-person and back. If you are using 32-person brackets, change from 32-person to 16-person and back. Disregard the warning that you may get about deleting data that you have already entered and click "Yes" on the message. Try printing now. If this works, you will have to do the same thing to each of your brackets. This has been fixed in Version 2.02.



  • When I try to create a Registration Form entry for a wrestler by typing their name and team in the Data Entry screen and then double-clicking on the blank Wrestler Number field, I get a "Record not found" error message.

This is an identified "bug" in the program and will be fixed in the next revision.  If you expect to use this feature, email us for a replacement "tourplus32.mde" file that will fix this. This has been fixed in Version 2.02. 



  • When I edit a team name in the Contacts and Invitations screen, some of the names don't show up in the drop down windows anymore. 

This is an identified "bug" in the program if you have a school or team that has both scoring and non-scoring wrestlers.  If the box designating a team with both scoring and non-scoring wrestlers is checked, you must un-check that box before editing the team name, and then re-check the box when you are done.  Version 2.0 includes a message if you try to do this.



  • The program keeps changing names that I type in.  For example, I want to enter a wrestler named Cotten, but it keeps changing it to Cotton. 

Microsoft Office products keep an autocorrect list of words that are commonly misspelled.  For example, "teh" may be automatically corrected to be "the" as you type.  Unfortunately, some proper names like Cliche are automatically changed to Cliché or Cotten is changed to Cotton.  Although the autocorrect feature has been turned off in Tournament Plus 1.03, you may have an existing *.acl file that forces these changes.  Tournament Plus 2.0 has a "hot key" to allow changing the autocorrect functions.  If you are using an earlier version and have this problem, check any other Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Access, etc.) that you may have installed on your computer to see if AutoCorrect is enabled.  Also, search your hard drive for any stray or leftover *.acl files that may be creating this.



  • No 'Print' icon appears on 2 misc reports. 

When you choose 'Reports' - 'Print Misc Forms' - 'Print BLANK Pairing Sheet', there is no printer icon on the form.  Therefore, you can't print the forms. That has been fixed in Version 2.0.  You can download this Word file that contains the 8 and 16 person bracket pairing sheets:  pairingslips.doc. You can also press the "Ctrl" and "P" keys simultaneously to open a print dialog screen whenever you run into a report that has no obvious way to print.  I must caution you not to try this with forms.  Forms just don't print out the way they look sometimes.  This will however work with the blank pairing sheet reports though.



  • Division Names that contain special characters (e.g., Men's Open).

When a "Men's Open" division was specified in a recent tournament, certain reports would not print.   The problem was found to be with the use of the apostrophe in the title.  This is a problem with the way that Visual Basic script handles apostrophes in code strings.  Version 2.0 warns you when you attempt to use an apostrophe in the division name.



  • When you change a match that has already been completed from a "wrestler a" vs. "wrestler b" to give one of those wrestlers an advancement by a "bye", the Team Scores may not automatically update correctly. 

The only way I can imagine this happening would be that the wrong wrestlers met in a match, and following matches were completed.  If it was subsequently decided to give one of those wrestlers an advancement by a "bye" (his or her opponent being re-bracketed elsewhere), team scores for the next bout would still reflect the original scoring.

To correct this, double click on the wrestler that advanced by a "bye", in the bout where he or she has the bye (click "OK" when prompted that you had already entered the results of that match), and  choose "Advancement by "BYE".  If additional bouts had been entered prior to this change, re-designate the winner by double clicking on the winner's name.



  • You cannot edit the results (e.g., "Pin 3:24"), team score or school/team that appears for the two Championship Finals wrestlers in a 16-person bracket. 

These six fields were inadvertently locked.  You can edit any of the other similar fields. To change the results text, re-enter the prior match using the corrected results.  To change the wrestler's school/team, double click on the wrestler's number, if you had pre-registered, correct the team and click on the Manual Update button a couple of times.  If you had not pre-registered, go back to the Data Entry screen for that bracket and change the wrestler's team there.  If you need to adjust team scores for one of these fields, use the Penalty Point or Award Points menu bar item.

I could not find any other fields locked like this; but there could be a stray one out there.  If you find one, let me know.  This has been corrected in the Version 2.0.



  • If you open the Data Entry screen and then close it without specifying a Division and a Weight, the program will prematurely close. 

This problem is fixed in Version 2.0.  If this happens to you, simply restart Tournament Plus.  You will not have lost any previously entered data.  The next time you enter the Data Entry screen, make sure you have identified a Division and a Weight prior to closing that screen.



  • If the wrestler in the first match of the bracket is un-opposed, the First Consolation Round bracket sheets may not print. 

This problem only exists if you do not show the wrestler in the first match as having a Bye.  This is done by entering a zero (0) as the Wrestler Number for the opposing wrestler.  This problem is caused by the query that searches for valid brackets.  If there is no name, or "Bye" in  the field for the first wrestler in a bracket, the program assumes it to be a blank bracket.  This is by design.



  • After entering data in the Weight Classes and Mat Assignments screen, and on attempting to enter a second weight class, the program can close prematurely.  This has not been a consistent occurrence. 

This problem has been fixed in Version 1.01.  If this happens, simply enter your brackets at the Data Entry screen instead.  You do not need to use the Weight Classes and Mat Assignments screen.  All information (i.e., Division, Weight, Mat, Bracket Size, etc.) can be entered at the Data Entry screen either at the time of entering wrestlers into the brackets or prior to entering any wresters.  Also, you do not have to add brackets in order.  They will be shown as ordered by Division and then by Weight Class after they are entered.