Tournament Plus 2.06 - Revision History

2.06.05 - BETA working



Because new tables were added to the Save and Load routines, tournament files created and saved prior to this update to the 2.06.05 version will have to be updated using the menu bar item "Update a Saved 2.05 or 2.06 File".  (1/4/13)






Enhanced Save routines to save and restore tables on local machines; e.g., Print Options, BS Template, Pool Pairings, etc.  (1/2/13)



Added check for "_" (underscore) in Division names; an underscore, like an apostrophe, will cause problems in code (12/15/12



Updated bracket sheet for Custom Bracket 3 to not show 5th Place match if 4 win places is selected. (12/5/12)



Updated "Manual Update" for Custom Bracket 3 (11/29/12)



Updated "Print this Bout Slip", "Clear this Match", Clear (form results screen) Custom Bracket 3 (11/20/12)



Revised Custom Bracket 3; 24-person format; top 8 get Bye in Round of 32; Follow-the-Leader format for Round of 16 (10/19/12)



Revised Match Board Entry screen to show Mat in "Matches Called" subform; added additional advance buttons next to active match; added "next uncalled" button (2/28/12)



Added letter size vertical format to options for *.pdf bracket export  (2/22/12)



Enhanced *.xls imports to add Team to Contacts table during import; added fullname to Register.xls and resolved empty row issues  (2/20/12)



Fixed Winners reports that were not capturing team names in 32-person brackets  (2/18/12)



Added option to group divisions by Year of Birth  (2/11/12)



Revised code for "Print Bout Slips for this Round" to resolve issue with identifying correct round (2/2/12)



Added "Time of Last Match" and required rest period report in menu under Reports  (1/30/12)



Fixed missing Mat numbers on printing bout slips, by round, from bracket sheet screen  (1/23/12)



Added third option in seeding table to assign byes to lowest seeds first  1/23/12



Revised bout slip queries to rename Bout 1 as Bout {space}1 (as well as bouts 2 - 9) to provide better sorting when printed; so far, this only works if you are not numbering matches (1/22/12)



Modified *.xls registration import to include fullname in lieu of first and last names (either format is acceptable); added sort by seed in autoseed form; aded "fullname" to tblRegistrations_New  (1/20/12)



This build fixes problem with 4-person round robin - manual placement,  and with creating Registration file using Registration Master feature (1/17/12)



Included optional bout slip choice to use pre-printed bout slips (see Report Format Options form) - 1/10/12



Modified Custom Bracket 1 to include 16-person brackets



Added Custom Bracket 8;  Follow-the-Leader format for 8, 16 and 32-person brackets - advance from first Consi only if the person who beat you wins their next match  (1/30/12)



Added Custom Bracket 7; 16-person brackets; losers of first round wrestle, single elimination, for 7th place; winners of first round continue in modified double elimination for 1st thru 6th places



Added Custom Bracket 6; Two 4-person round robin pools; 2 first place pool winners wrestle on match for First, 2 second place pool winners wrestle one match for Third, 2 third place pool winners wrestle one match for Fifth, and 2 fourth place pool winners wrestle one match for Seventh. (This may get rolled into Pool Bracket scheme later)



Added  Custom Bracket 5;  pooled format for two or four round robin brackets (can be 2-person through 6 person RR) with an 8 person final bracket (can be full double elimination or a modified final bracket based on the number of win places)



Added 32-person bracket to Bracket Display feature



Fixed code in "Print Bout Slip" (Print Bracets and Bout Slips) screen to correctly use selected bout slip format; worked in Preview but not in Print)



Revised Match Numbering code to use name field rather than number field to detect byes



Revised Custom Bracket 1 to show 4th place finisher and to allow 5th place match (select 6 places in Setup Options)



Fixed "Print Blank FS Bout Slip" code on menubar



Added code to allow text name to be assigned to any weight class (e.g., 215# - "HWT") - assigned in Mats screen



Changed "wgt" field on brackets and bout slips to show text instead of weight if assigned



Added scoring scheme for beach wrestling; win by fall, win by points, win by referee decision (in addition to normal results such as injury and forfeit)



Added single page and 2-per-page beach wrestling bout slips



Revised Round Robin final placement dropdown boxes to use pairings data instead of registration data tables



Added refresh button for bout slip logo to reinitiate logo file location from previous entry



Added ability to temporarily change the +/- weight delta for chosing wrestlers in the Data Entry screen

2.06.04b - Interim Change 12/7/11



NOTE: Beginning with 2.06.04b, the TourPlus.lic and TourPlus_Data.lic files will no longer be needed.  Previous versions required these files to be updated along with the TourPlus.mde and TourPlus_Data.mdb files.



Fixed code error in 6-person round robin - team scoring for match 15



Fixed code error in round robin auto place for second - did not carry over team name [RRPlace2]



Fixed code error in 8-person 5th/6th place match bout slip that would affect Match Number display



Incorporated latest SageKey script; no longer need to include *.lic files in updates



Found that 5-person round robins were not consistently awarding 5th place placement points using Auto Place feature; updated code



Changed "Print this Bout Slip" (right click pop up on Bracket Sheet screen) to “Preview/Print this Bout Slip” and added a “Print this Bout Slip (no preview)” option..



Rebuilt "qryWinner1" which was inadvertently deleted in a prior rev



Fixed "Print this Bout Slip" code for 32-person bracket, bout #36 (fouth match in 2nd consolation round)



Closed Set functions in Module code



Added Custom Bout Slip #3 - 4-per-page Beach Wrestling Format

2.06.04a - Interim Change 1/27/11



Revised "Manual Update" code on bracket sheets and when first round match results are Cleared to minimize extraneous "Bye" indicators in 16-person bracket 



Fixed bug in "Do Not Print BYEs" routine to force default to false

2.06.4 - 1/25/11



Added Custom Bracket 1 - single page folkstyle bout slip



Added option to not print bout slips with Byes (Report Format Options)



Added Preview button for bout slips and bracket sheets (Print Brackets and Bout Slips)



Fixed Match number popup menu to save current record on closing



Fixed BS button on connection to display correct round designations (Bracket Sheet screen)



Fixed issue when closing Data Entry after getting there from the Registration form



Updated Final Results reports for Custom Bracket 2 to show third place winners



Changed Fix Registration Table query to avoid searching for missing fields



Fixed individual bout slip printed from bracket sheet screen for 32-person Consi Qtr Finals



Fixed Custom Bracket selection field in Setup Options to prevent null entry



Fixed display of team points in 32-man bracket championship semis



Added "where" condition to pigtail bout slip print command to print active weight only



Added buttons to print ALL Pig Tail bout slips and/or bracket sheets (Pig Tails)



Fixed +5 and -5 navigation buttons (Pig Tails)



Fixed blank bout slip (bottom bout slip not complete)



Added Match Results Wins/Loses report (Reports menu)

2.06.03 - 12/20/10



Added BLANK round robin bracket sheets (12/20)



Added code to set iPS_16 (default bout slip) and iFS_GR (default bracket sheet) in Data Entry (12/20)



Changed Data Entry screen to print bout slips without going to preview first (12/20)

2.06.02 - 12/15/10



Fixed shortcut pop-up menu "Print This Bout Slip" problem with Mat field (12/12)



Fixed teams shown on bout slips for second championship qtr-final match (12/12)



Changed Pig-Tail bout slip printing to allow alternate bout slip formats (12/12)



Fixed bout numbers (not numbered matches) on 32-person championship finals - should be 55 and 56 (12/12)



Added Custom Bout Slip 2 - full page format (11/26)



Fixed "Clear this Match" option on shorcut menu (11/26)



Modified Match Board displays to allow independent operation (3/7)



Added option to select a different bout slip - Print Options (7/25)

2.06.01 -  2/19/10



New Bout Slip report queries to utilize common form setup. This will allow more flexibility in using and customizing bout slips



Added 3 new reports - Championship Finals, Championship Semi-Finals and Consolation Finals Pairings



Added ability to import wins and losses when importing registration data from spreadsheet (can use "wins" and "loses" columns); data will appear on registration/weigh-in cards

2.06 - 1/9/10



Changed installation to adopt SageKey MSI Deployment. This should resolve installation issues with Vista, Windows7 and 64-bit operating systems.



Changed Tournament Plus installation folder to be C:\Tournament Plus



Changed referenced back-end database file to TourPlus_Data.mdb



Added ability to specify location of Bracket Sheet logo file (Report Format Options form)



Added Match Board feature to the Tools menubar item (this is a trial feature and is still a beta version)



Added Bracket Display feature to the Tools menubar item (this is a trial feature and is still a beta version)



Added Option to enter and show Time of Tech Fall instead of Score



Added New Report - All Registrations by Team - sorted by Team and then Name