Tournament Plus Wrestling Tournament Software

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Tournament Plus 2.06 is now available.

Microsoft is now releasing its new operating system, Windows10, on most new computers.  Tournament Plus Version 2.06 has been developed to handle the new Windows operating systems including 64bit platforms as well as Vista and good old Widows XP.

If you are a registered user of any prior version of Tournament Plus, you can upgrade to Version 2.06 for a limited time at no additional cost.  Email me at for a link to download the installation file for Version 2.06.


Download Tournament Plus Version 2.06 Demo:  TourPlus206DEMO.exe  (Approx. 68 Mb)



Like the previous Demo, this installation comes loaded with sample tournament data.  This is a fully functional program except that you do not have the ability to save and load tournament files to disk.  Also, unlike the actual Tournament Plus program, the Demo cannot be set up on a network.  Most of the reports appear in a Print Preview mode, meaning that you have to click on "Print This Report" to send it to a printer, but you won't waste a lot of paper playing around with the program.  In the actual Tournament Plus program, most reports go directly to the printer, saving valuable time during a tournament.

The downloaded file is a self-extracting installation file.  Save the file to your computer and then double click on the file name to install the Tournament Plus 2.06 Demo.  Like the full version, this demo is a standalone program and requires no other software to run.



Download Tournament Plus User Guide: UserGuide.pdf  (User Guide updated September 2011  - 7.2Mb)

Download Tournament Plus QuickStart Guide: QuickStart.pdf 

Download Tournament Plus Match Board User Guide: MatchBoardUserGuide.doc 



(If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view *.pdf files, click here for Adobe's free download)



Purchase Tournament Plus Now:



This is a runtime application and requires no additional programs loaded on your computer.  A User Guide (pdf format) is copied to your computer when you install Tournament Plus, and is also available both on the CD and through the link above.

You can order Tournament Plus through PayPal.  Click the Buy Now button and follow the instructions at PayPal.  PayPal provides a secure manner to pay for purchases by eCheck or on your credit card.



If you wish to order Tournament Plus for a school, and cannot purchase with a credit card, please download this Mail Order Form and mail it, with a written request on school letterhead to the address below.  Please include a phone number or email where the request can be confirmed.  On confirmation of the request, we will mail Tournament Plus to the school with an invoice.

If you are not affiliated with a school, and prefer not to purchase with a credit card, please download this Mail Order Form and mail it, with payment, to the address below.

If you order by mail, please include an email address so that we can notify you of problems with the software and current updates.

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Tournament Plus Wrestling Tournament Software Installation File Download - $125

    Tournament Plus Version 2.06 Installation File Download (Approx 73 Mb)

After downloading the Installation File, double click on the file name (TourPlus.EXE) in Windows Explorer or My Computer to install Tournament Plus.  The Installation File can also be copied to a CD or USB drive and used to re-install Tournament Plus.  After downloading the file, double click on the file name to start the installation.

On acknowledgement that your payment has been processed by PayPal, you must click on the RETURN TO MERCHANT button to access the file download link.  In the event that the website link does not appear, you will also be sent an email with a download link upon our being notified of your order by PayPal.  Make sure that you use an email address that you check frequently.  If you do not get a download email immediately, send me a note at





If you continue to have problems with the PayPal buttons above, please email us at and we will work to get your order processed as promptly as possible.

When you purchase and register Tournament Plus, you will be entitled to any updates and fixes for one year.  Watch this website for notice of new updates and fixes, and contact us if you are eligible.

For customized applications, contact us for a price estimate.  See our Suggestions page and Bug List for current workarounds, known bugs and to submit your ideas..