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[IMPORTANT UPDATE 3/15/14 for an issue with Version 2.06.05 loading tournament files saved to a separate folder or drive]

Tournament Plus Version 2.06.05c is now available!  This version adds a few new features like Beach Wrestling scoring/bout slips and a Pool Bracket running 2 or 4 round robin pools to populate an 8-person finals bracket.  Current registered users of any version of Tournament Plus will be able to download the Tournament Plus 2.06.05c installation file at no additional charge.  See the FAQ's page for details regarding updates.

Finally, a tournament management program that really lets you see what you're doing. Tournament Plus is a true relational database incorporating tournament information, contact and invitation data, registration capabilities, and real time visual Bracket Sheets that you update with a click of the mouse.  This software was developed by people who run wrestling tournaments.  It has been used for years in tournaments as large as 1200 wrestlers in over 100 brackets and 5 separate divisions, wrestling 16 matches at once.

Tournament Plus supports 8, 16 and 32-person double elimination bracketing and round robin brackets for 2 to 6 wrestlers.  But the best part is that you run the tournament from screens like the ones on the left.  You simply click on the winning wrestler on the screen and automatically advance that wrestler, place the losing wrestler in the appropriate consolation spot.  Click on the Features button above to see more about Tournament Plus Software.

See the FAQ's page for information regarding the latest version of Tournament Plus Wrestling Tournament Software and current updates and fixes!!!

Blank Bracket Sheets (pdf format)  8-Person Bracket    16-Person Bracket    32-Person Bracket


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