Tournament Plus Wrestling Tournament Software

by BrownBag Data Specialty Software

Help get your tournament started off on the right foot with Tournament Plus.

Pre-Registration?  Absolutely - if you want to.

Import names and teams from a spreadsheet, work from a Master Registration List of all the wrestlers in your league or enter wrestlers as they register.

Print out registration/ weigh-in cards before the tournament or as walk-ins arrive. 

Quick and Accurate Bracketing

Enter the registration number from the weigh-in cards, choose from a drop down list of registered wrestlers or type in the wrestlers' names and teams, and you have your bracket ready in minutes or even seconds.

Click on two buttons and your bracket sheet and first round bout slips are printed for that bracket.

Fast Printing of Bracket Sheets and Bout Slips

Print current bracket sheets with a single button.  Print bracket sheets and bout slips for specific divisions or rounds, or for individual brackets.  Flexible and fast.

Group by Age, Grade or Other Criteria

Group by age or grade and Tournament Plus will automatically determine the correct division as the wrestlers are entered in the registration database.

User-Defined Team Scoring Options

You choose how you want to score each match.  Place-points-only option, points awarded for pins, tech-falls, etc can be user defined as can advancement points.

Print out team scores by individual bracket or by team.  Display Team Scores on a separate monitor and show current and automatically updated results.

Selectable Win Places

Choose 4, 6 or 8 place winners for 8, 16 and 32-person brackets.

Automatic Match Numbering

Number all matches with one button or number each Division, or group of selected Divisions, separately.  Match numbers appear on Bracket Sheets, Bout Slips and on an optional report of all brackets and their respective Match Numbers.

Now you can also choose whether or not you want to number matches with "Byes".

Single or Double Elimination Rounds

Run first round, or first and second rounds, as single elimination with 16 and 32-person brackets; run first round as single elimination with 8-person brackets

Easy Backup and File Save

Backup tournament files to your hard drive, a USB drive or network drive.

Data is saved whenever you finish entering a record.  No operator action required and no loss of previous results on a loss of power.

Network Capabilities

Tournament Plus has been successfully used in stand-alone, wired and wireless network arrangements.  Multiple work stations can be set up to allow separate data entry, printing and display functions.

And Much More ...